A happy home for your video content.

Master files

James always keeps your master file after transcoding, ensuring your originals are easily to hand should you need them.


Add metadata to your videos including tags and rich content. Include this metadata on your own sites via our player plugins and developer API.

Extra content

Store Images, PDFs and data files with your videos. Access these files via our player plugins and developer API to add extra functionality to your videos such as downloading of transcripts and calls to action.

Perfect delivery across the world on any device.

Works across all devices

When you upload a video to James it is transcoded to multiple formats at multiple resolutions. Our player automatically chooses the best format and resolution ensuring great quality whatever the connection or device.

Less buffering

Your videos are stored on tens of thousands of servers all over the world, ensuring your content is always close to the viewer resulting in the best possible network performance.

HTML5 or Flash

Our player will automatically select HTML5 or Flash depending on what is supported by the viewer's browser.

Control your player's look, feel and functions.

Look and feel

We make it easy to customise every detail so your video fits seamlessly into your site wherever you place it.

Player Configuration

Configure your player so that it has only the functionality you need. Apply custom player configurations to multiple videos and even change the configuration of your videos already live across the web.

Powerful Plugins

Easily add extra functionality to your players such as calls to action and social sharing by using our built in plugins. Extend your players with your own custom functionality by leveraging our powerful player API.

Integrate with your website and apps

Video galleries

Our video gallery widget makes it simple to add collections of videos to your pages. It's fully responsive too, so will look great on any device. Check out our Work page for a living example.

Developer API

Need to display the latest video tagged with 'cats'? Want to provide simple video embeds via your CMS? Our powerful RESTful API allows for deep integration of video content within Apps, CMS systems and websites.

Player API

Allow your code to take full control of the player; play, pause, switch videos, resize and many more features are yours for the tweaking.

Measure your success

When, what, where?

Which was the most popular video this month? Why have we suddenly got so many viewers in Japan? Are we reaching mobile users? Our comprehensive analytics allow you to easily answer these questions and more.

Make an impression

As well as views our analytics also tracks player impressions, and provides the important metric of impression to view conversion rates. This can provide important insight into your page design, allowing you to see which designs result in more views.

Third party analytics

Our powerful player API allows for easy integration with your site's existing analytics. Whether you use Google Analytics, Webtrends, Omniture or something else, we can provide simple solutions to make sure all your metrics stay in one place.

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