BP’s Energy Within Online Campaign

BP asked PSONA Films to produce a suite of social ready video content called ‘The Energy Within’ to highlight BP’s global partnership with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and build upon their association with Paralympic Sport since 2008. The campaign leverages the idea that athletes have a certain energy within that propels them to the top of their game, something that keeps them going when others fall by the way side.
It's not just about olympians and paralympians being defined only by what they can do, it embraces how the human spirit is the most powerful energy of all and leads people to achieve the most remarkable things. So far the entire campaign has attracted 21 international creative award wins.

BP, Marlou
This first film featured Triple World Record Holder and Paralympic World and European Champion Sprinter Marlou Van Rhijn who is the main focus of the beautifully powerful content.

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